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Three hackers in the United States, Nigeria, and South Korea are taking on the world’s public safety agencies including their vendors and the politicians that oversee them. The company, InvestigateSafety LLC, was founded by Tim Clemans, the world’s first employed Resident Hacker of any law enforcement agency. Working for Seattle Police he developed the first strategies ever for mass releasing police videos and report narratives (both auto precise redaction and over-redaction) using a strategy he coined “over-redaction”. The term means redacting more than a human would so you can be sure privacy is protected. Even four years later the major vendors have not been able to automatically precisely redact all the visual elements and audio exempt from public records acts and they don’t offer auto report redaction at all. Over-redaction (blur everything that moves) for dashcam and still cameras looks great for TV. And blurring or outlining every frame of bodycam video gives records requesters enough information to make precise records requests. For example KOMO TV was able to pick 48 minutes of footage out of three hours for a protest.

InvestigateSafety LLC is a new private-for-profit news and technology company publishing news, information, and software code related to public safety. It makes it easily accessible to the public via the internet. Founded by Tim Clemans, we are based out of Seattle in Washington State in the United States. We happen to be based just blocks from Taser International’s engineering offices now called Axon.

What makes InvestigateSafety different and unique from other news agencies is that we believe in publishing everything. Quite evident from our name, InvestigateSafety aims to find, report, and present news which other people/news agencies might want to hide. We use automated systems and large on demand staff and volunteers to break news immediately as it happens. We are the only news agency using a live blogging platform for all emergency incident stories.

In addition to reporting the hidden, we are also strong advocates of open source technology related to public safety. For this reason, we aim to introduce improvements and provide consulting related to the safety of the public.